We are Hellenbrand

Since 1967, we’ve been helping our customers improve their problem water.

Driven to tackle any water challenge you might have, we are constantly developing the newest and most reliable products—leading the industry in efficiency with systems like the Iron Curtain and the ProMate EcoMax. And guess what? All our water systems, whether residential, commercial or industrial, are designed, assembled and tested in the USA.

Our Extended Family

We’re backed by a national network of carefully selected local dealers—water pros who are just as passionate as we are and who know your water better than anyone else. With over 200 dealer locations in 39 states, it’s easy to get answers to your toughest water questions.

Becoming Hellenbrand

Jim and Flo Hellenbrand open for business

1967 Jim and Flo Hellenbrand

Hellenbrand introduces a water‑demand‑driven residential system

1981 water thermometer

Dealer network is begun

1983 hellenbrand network

Expansion into commercial markets

1985 hellenbrand builds

Opened the Hellenbrand water center

1991 hellenbrand water

The first iron filtration system, Iron Curtain, is patented

1992 first iron filtration system

Terry, Paul and Jeff Hellenbrand purchase Hellenbrand, Inc. from parents.

1994 About the Hellenbrand Company

Developed the Water Management system and patented Iron Curtain IC 2.0, a more efficient and chemical-free way to remove iron

2007 awards

Received the Family Business Award

2011 family business award

Introduced high efficiency EcoMax technology, which uses 50% less salt and water compared to most systems.

2014 hellenbrand ecomax
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