HWS TN2 (2″)

HWS TN2 (2″)

High flow rates for 2” systems

  • Save on detergents and chemicals
  • Improved efficiency for reduced energy and water consumption
  • Extends the life of process equipment and heat exchange systems
  • Reduced maintenance costs



  • Flow rates up to 87 gpm at 15 psi and up to 640,000 grains per tank.
  • Single, twin, triplex and quad alternating systems along with twin, triplex and quad demand recall systems available
  • 2” internal porting for higher service flow rates with less pressure drop
  • Solid brass valve with a motor driven, time tested and hydraulically balanced piston, seal and spacer
  • Service flow not dependent on water pressure
  • No diaphragms prevent rupturing or false transfers
  • Up to 80 gpm hard water bypass during regeneration
  • Optional "no hard water bypass piston" for twin or multiple systems
  • Factory wired electrical systems for easy installation
  • Mechanical or electronic meters available in 1", 1.5" or 2"
  • Stainless steel back plate will not rust or corrode
  • Optional microprocessor provides meter demand regeneration with adjustable cycles, times and calendar day override
  • Nema 3R rated

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