Iron Curtain Filtration System

Iron Curtain Filtration System

Filter out iron and reduce rotten egg odor without the use of chemicals

  • Rated for continuous flow rates from 2.7 gpm to 476 gpm at 5 gpm/square foot
  • Chemical free: no potassium permanganate, salt or chlorine
  • Lower operating costs
  • Guards against iron stains, iron tasting water and rotten egg odor
  • Extends the life and efficiency of processing and heat exchange systems
  • Multi-tank systems provide higher flow rates than the competition
  • Proven and patented design means years of reliable performance and efficient operation
  • A wide range of system designs are available to meet both your service flow and backwash rate requirements



  • Single, twin, triplex and quad systems available
  • Available with 1.25", 1.5", 2.0" and 3.0 smart controllers
  • Fiberglass or steel tank construction
  • Requires no air injectors, venturis or micronizers which eliminates both excessive pressure drops and service problems
  • Proven and patented technology
  • Top mount, side mount and valve nest with side mount designs are available
  • Iron Curtain Remote Control Center (ICRCC)

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