Get a free water analysis and start knowing your water. Provides clean, softened water to every roomUses 50% less salt and water than most systems PROBLEM SOLUTION PROBLEM SOLUTION PROBLEM SOLUTION ProMateEcoMax Millennium ReverseOsmosis ProMate 6 Storm* CONTAMINATED DRINKING WATER EXCESSIVE LEVELS OF IRON 3 Solutions for Your Common Water Problems Odd flavor in food like soup and pastaBad taste in drinks like water, coffee and tea Odors coming from sinks and showersRust staining around faucets Having healthy water starts with understanding your water. Here are common water problems and how our products can help solve them. Ozone is 1.5x stronger than chlorine Environmentally responsible process, and safe for septic systems Experiencing any of this around your home? Removes up to 99% of contaminants in drinking water by filtering four times Uses the natural disinfection powers of ozone to filter iron and hydrogen sulfide from water Keeps harmful impurities like nitrate, lead and radium from faucets Reduce spending on bottled water Better tasting coffee, teas, soups, pasta No more spotty dishes Brighter, softer clothing Extends life of dishwashers and washing machines Saves up to 70% on soap and water usage HARD WATER Spotty dishesStiff clothesDry, itchy * The ProMate 6 Storm is not intended to aid in the mitigation of microorganisms and is not duly registered as a pesticidal device. Do any of those issues sound familiar?

Solutions for Your Common Water Problems

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