Contaminated Water:
Cause, Effect and Solution

How Tap Water Picks Up Unwanted Guests

Water has a habit of picking up whatever it comes in contact with. Unfortunately, contaminants like cyst, lead and mercury may exist in places along the journey to your faucet.


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Rainwater enters the ground and makes its way through the earth, picking up contaminants along the way.

When water is pumped to a well house, chlorine is added to destroy harmful viruses and bacteria. But some contaminants and chlorine taste may remain.
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Contaminants from pipeline corrosion,
leaks or breaks are also a possibility.

How to tell if your water is contaminated:

Start with taste and smell

Foul odors and bad taste are often caused by contamination.

Be sure with a free analysis

Get your water tested by an expert and find out for sure—we’ll do it free of charge!

Why filtered water is better

Better for drinking

Enjoy odorless, fresh-tasting water straight from the tap and in your favorite beverages, like coffee and tea

Better for cooking

Be sure you’re washing your produce in clean water, and make soups and sauces taste better too

Better for families

Know that everything from baby formula to the food on your dinner plate is made with clean, safe water

The Clear Solutions
Drinking Water System

Our Clear Solutions Drinking Water System for your home and family uses carbon block technology to remove contaminants like chlorine, cyst, lead and mercury.

Created to be budget friendly

Fits easily under most counters

Certified under NSF/ANSI 42,53 and 401

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