Water’s Role in Your Life

Water in Your Life

As a homeowner, it’s easy to forget all the ways water impacts your daily life … until there’s a problem. To help, we put together some common signs of water issues. Do any of these sound familiar?


From cooking meals and washing dishes to drinking and cleaning, you probably use water in the kitchen more than any other room at home. Here are some of the major ways water can impact the kitchen.

  • Drinking water

    Throughout its journey before entering your home, water can collect contaminants from corrosion, leaks or aging infrastructure. When your water goes through a reverse osmosis system like the Millennium RO, large particles like chlorine are captured and separated from the treated water while carbon filters remove or reduce residual tastes, odors and other organic contaminants that come from bacteria.

  • Tap water

    Noticing a rotten egg odor around your sink? That’s likely hydrogen sulfide in your tap water left behind by standard filtration systems. Along with its potent smell, sulfide adds a metallic taste to everything you eat and drink, including soup, pasta and coffee. 

  • Dishes

    Perhaps the most noticeable signs of hard water at home are the spotty bowls and plates you keep pulling from the dishwasher. Hard water causes white spots and build-up to appear on your dishes, even after you’ve cleaned them! Preventing hard water build-up can even extend the lifetime of water-using appliances, like your dishwasher.


While the role water plays in your bathroom is clear (e.g., brushing teeth, washing hands, showering, etc.), problems with your water here can be a little less obvious. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Damaged hair and skin

    Chlorine used by cities to disinfect public water (think swimming pools and park fountains) can cause itchy skin as well as unmanageable hair and dry eyes.

  • Stains and rusting

    If you start to see stains that are blueish-green, then most likely your home’s plumbing has copper corrosion. Reddish and yellowtan discolorations are often caused by iron, while black or dark brown discolorations point to manganese. An iron filtration system like the Promate 6 Storm can reduce the amount of iron and manganese in your water.

  • Film and build-up

    Hard water will leave behind hard-to-clean film and scum on shower walls and tubs.


When thinking about water in your home, the laundry room might not be the first area that comes to mind. The effects of hard water here, however, can make a big impact on your daily life.

  • Stiff clothes

    Hard water causes stiff clothes, pesky stains and scratchy fabrics. Using a water softener like the ProMate EcoMax can result in whiter and brighter clothes along with smoother, softer fabrics. 

  • Less money and maintenance

    Build-up from hard water can affect the overall efficiency and performance of your washer. Using softened water for laundry can help your washer run at peak efficiency and can help you save up to 70% on soap and detergent.


Think you have a water problem at home? Get a free water analysis by contacting your nearest dealer and they’ll help you figure out the best solution for your home.



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