ProMate EcoMax Duo

ProMate EcoMax Duo

Greater efficiency for higher volume households

The top of the line ProMate EcoMax Duo’s twin-tank softening system contains one brine tank and two resin tanks that use smart technology to seamlessly regenerate and reduce the amount of sodium chloride discharged into the wastewater stream. It’s highly efficient and saves 17% more on water and salt than a single-tank design, using softened water down to the last drop before beginning a new cycle, which means you’ll never have to wait for soft water or worry about hard water entering your home.


Uses less salt, which means less lugging
Saves up to 70% on soap and water usage from hard water removal
Extends the life of your dishwasher, washing machine and other water-using appliances
Makes clothing whiter, brighter and less scratchy
Cleaner fixtures, stain-free sinks, tubs and showers
Softer skin and more manageable hair
No more spotty dishes


  • Helps reduce the amount of sodium chloride discharged into the wastewater stream
  • Digital display with user-friendly electronics
  • Customize settings to your family’s needs
  • On-demand regeneration based on your water usage
  • Full-flow bypass valve provides the convenience of bypassing the water softener
  • Back-lit display makes it easy to read and alerts you of system notifications
  • Fewer parts to service
  • Corrosion-resistant control valve body and tanks for a longer life
  • Insulated tank jacket helps prevent sweating
  • All internal components are lead free


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